With immense regret we have to announce that
   our esteemed colleague, guide, friend, Healthy
   World Association founder


   passed away on September 28th 2022, aged 74.

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   Members of the HWA-Switzerland, HWA Indian Chapter and HWA Italian Chapter are remembering
   him with love, gratitude and respect. Prof. Prasad shaped our lives, our minds and our views with
   science and humanity. We lost a great man, a scientist, a guide.

   Prof. P.S. Prasad was born in Vijayawada, Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh, India in the year 1948. Presently he was living in California,
   USA and in India (Kakinada). Prof. Prasad started his education in medicine at Rangaraya Medical College, Andhra University,
   Kakinada from which he was awarded a MBBS (Medicine and Surgery) in 1977. Then a Post Graduation with Fellowship training at
   Loma Linda University, California USA in 1980, followed by another Post Graduation Specialty Training in Occupational Health with the
   same university in 1992. He got a Master in Public Health (MPH) and a Major in Environmental and Health Administration in 1995.
   Eventually he got a Ph.D. in Preventive Medicine from Ashford University, London, UK in 1995.

   Dr. Prasad was an internist, occupational health specialist and owned four Occupational Health centers in USA. He did Occupational
   Health Consultancy in USA with many important companies. Not only practicing medicine, he also developed entrepreneur qualities
   and created jobs in USA for 287 Indian IT workers. Helped Indian Government by promoting Foreign Exchange transfer from American
   Indian community, when India was in the crises with low of Foreign exchange. After 30 plus years of Practice Dr. Prasad moved to India
  and commenced Bio Technology lab and manufactured diagnostic kits for HIV, HBC HCV. Presently Dr. Prasad was the professor and
   Program Director for the School of Health Sciences and Research at Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTUK), Kakinada, A.P.,
   India. Still today very few Indians have post graduation in Medicine and PhD and none in India have this kind of opportunity and Dr.
   Prasad was wishing many MD, PhD professionals are needed to do research in India in the coming years. This can be achieved only by
   commencing the School of Public Health which is now lacking in India particularly in the State of Andhra Pradesh. Dr. Prasad was
   instrumental in commencing two M.S. P.G. Programs, Sports Technolohy and Health Sciences (Sports Medicine) and Environmental –
   Occupational Health and Safety. This was the first time in India under the School of Health Sciences and Research at Jawaharlal Nehru
   Technological University (JNTUK), Kakinada.

   Prof Prasad was member of:
     American Medical Association
     India Medical Association
     California Occupational Health and Safety Organization, CA, USA
     National Occupational Health and Safety Organization, USA
     American Academy of Occupational& Environmental Health, USA
     International Medical & Health Management Society, UK
     International Ozone Association, USA
     International Medical Science Academy, USA, and India
     Indo American Democratic Organization, USA

   Dr.Prasad was a believer that fitness, nutrition and hygiene are essential components for good health clubbed with alternative
   medicine. The above said programs clubbed with telemedicine where the rural health is going to be developed to reduce the health
   care cost by applying high tech health care schemes.

   Dr. P.S. Prasad was planning to commence Integrated Rural Health scheme for Rural and Tribal Population in India where 75%
   population is living in the villages without proper health care. May his soul rest in peace and wish our God help us to follow the path
   he indicated to us.

       At the hour of death,
       he who dies remembering Me,
       having relinquished the body,
       goes to My state of being.
       In this matter there is no doubt.

       Krishna from the Bhagavad Gita


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Dr. P.S. Prasad Dandamudi
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Dr. Harish Kambampati
[HWA India Coordinator]

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   [September 7-8, 2019]  
Healthy World Conference 2019 - Tackling Cancer in India HWC-2019   Administrative Staff College of India - Hyderabad (Telangana - India)


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