Thanks to all contributors we got a quite good selection of papers which very well encompasses the four topics of the Healthy World Conference 2015. Only a few of papers have been selected for presentation because of strict methods of selection besides availability of authors to attend the conference.

Best papers are to be sent to scientific journal for publishing.

All accepted papers are listed here and downloadable in pdf form:


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Corresponding Author

Badodkar D.N.

Dipankar Pal
Rajesh Kumar Jain

Rajesh Kumar Jain

Staderini Enrico M.

Gitanjali Saha

Orsini Riccardo

Apyktin K.A.

Apyktin K.A.

Aditya Sundar

Marsella Stefano

Mamata Sahoo

Rukhsar Khan

Lenin K.

Amit Sengupta

Nadipena Jhansi

Pidakala Mary Moses
SAR Mortazavi

Achyuth Rama Raju Myla
M. Krishna Prasad
Ashok Naryan
Maria Richetta

Maria Richetta

Vinod Madan
Sandro Gentili

Srividya Jandhyala
Sashikanth Reddy

Srikanth Palagummi

K.R.L. Surya Kirani

B. Sai Lokesh

M. Jaivardhan

Alladi Mohan
P. Rajeswara Rao
I.V. Rao
M. Divya Krupa

Achyuth Rama Raju Mila
Nagoor Basha Shaik

P. Suresh
G. Vijay Kumar

G. Anoosha

L. Deepthi

Mounika Tavva


Sagi Shankruth Varma

Ch. Srajana

V.V. Sai Charan

Y. Radhika

Bhavishya Peri
Mujibur Rehaman Shaik

M. Maruthi Reddy

Nadipena Jhansi

P. Mary Moses

K. Surya Prabha

Nagoor Basha Shaik

Rukmini Devi S.

S. Gentili

S. Gentili

Dana Balas-Timar
Taras Kotyk

D.N. Badodkar, C.K. Pithawa
Dipankar Pal
Vineet Sinha, R.K.Jain, Sadhana A. Mandalik, Gopal Joshi, D.Das, C.K. Pithawa
R.K.Jain, Vineet Sinha, Sadhana A. Mandalik, Gopal Joshi, D. Das, C.K. Pithawa
Staderini Enrico M., Signorelli M.
Gitanjali Saha, N.K. Mondal

Orsini Riccardo, Ferrari Giulia
Apykhtin K.A., Petrukhin V., Gorgo Y., Pisaruk A., Shayklislamov S., Danshin A., Zapara A.
Apykhtin K.A., Shvets A.V.
Aditya Sundar, Chinmay Das, Deshmukh M.K.
Marsella S., Marzoli M.
Mamata Sahoo, Amit Sengupta
Rukhsar Khan, Mamata Sahoo, Amit Sengupta
Lenin K, B. Ravindhranath Reddy, M. Surya Kalavathi
Amit Sengupta

N. Jhansi, G. Krishna Babu
P.Mary Moses, G.Krishna Babu
SAR Mortazavi, SMJ Mortazavi
Achyuth Rama Raju Myla, K.V.S. Prasad
M. Krishna Prasad
Ashok Naryan
I. Cappelloni, R. Montanari, M. Richetta, S. Gentili
L. Ciambella, I. Cappelloni, R. Montanari, M. Richetta, S. Gentili
Vinod Madan
S. Gentili, L. Uccioli, S. Mugnaini, D. Lella, M. Richetta, A. Magrini
Srividya Jandhyala
Sashikanth Reddy, Kiran, Gull Nasheen
P. Srikanth, E. Hemalatha, P. Pratyusha
K.R.L.Surya Kirani, V. Satya Chandrika
B. Sai Lokesh, Ch. Santha Rao, Vsb. Vidyacharan
M. Jaivardhan, Sainadh Dora , M. Phanindra
Alladi Mohan
P. Rajeswara Rao
I.V. Rao
M. Divya Krupa, K. Ravi Sankhar
Achyuth Rama Raju Mila, K.V.S. Prasad
Nagoor Basha Shaik, N.V.A. Benhur, C.S.S. Sarma
P. Suresh
G. Vijay Kumar, G.V. Raju
G. Anoosha, Y. Radhika
L. Deepthi, M. Kinnera
Mounika, Vasavi, Niraaja

Praveen, Sravya, Nagaraju
Sagi Shankruth Varma, Peri Bhavishya, Ganti Sarat
Ch. Srajana, K. Divya Sai, M. Divya Krupa
V.V. Sai Charan, B. Balaji Rao, K.V.N.S. Raju
Y. Radhika, G. Anoosha, Annie Besant
Bhavishya Peri
Mujibur Rehaman Shaik, G. Krishna Babu, K.V.S. Prasad
M. Maruthi Reddy, G. Krishna Babu, K.V.S. Prasad
N. Jhansi, G. Krishna Babu, Alpha V.P. Tej, K.V.S. Prasad
P. Mary Moses, G. Krishna Babu, K.V.S. Prasad
K. Surya Prabha, G. Krishna Babu, K.V.S. Prasad
Nagoor Basha Shaik, Gowtham Praveen, C.S.S. Sarma
Rukmini Devi S., G. Krishna Babu, K.V.S. Prasad
S. Gentili, S. Mugnaini, S. Lanzi, M. Richetta, A. Pietroiusti
S. Gentili, L. Polverigiani, S. Mugnaini, M. Richetta, E.M. Staderini
Dana Balas-Timar
Taras Kotyk, Amira S. Ashour, Sayan Chakraborty, Nilanjan Dey, Valentina E. Balas

Development in bio-medical engineering and healthcare at BARC

Neural signal recording: challenges and new openings
Handheld 12-channel tele-ECG machine

Peripheral pulse analyzer for prognosis of coronary heart disease

Sport studies: from biomechanics to neurophysiology sport performance studies in the new century will be focusing on brain
Current Knowledge, Attitude and Practices (KAP) about leprosy among general population: a comparative study between high prevalent & low prevalent districts of West Bengal
Telemonitoring and telemanagement, the new border of the home healthcare - the Tuscany's region project
Software and hardware system individual monitoring of functional and adaptive human reserves

Peculiarities of neuro-vegetative supplement of work in persons with different level of mental efficiency
Novel applications of force sensing resistors in healthcare technologies

Why control rooms interoperability can help to save lives

To assess the energy requirement of young adolescence girls and women inhabiting tribal belt of Chattisgarh - A pilot study
e-Health technology uptake by the tribal population of India - a preliminary investigation

A study on health effects by electromagnetic fields

Developing a technology intensive GO-NGO participatory model to improve the maternal health status amongst the vulnerable communities in India - An initiative supported by TATA Trust
Assessment of hospital hygiene in selected patient care areas of tertiary care hospital, Kakinada
Menstrual hygiene among adolescent girls

The fundamental reasons why laptop computers should not be used on your lap

Assessment of personal hygiene with prevalence of clinical anemia

Bio-Molecular medicine - The modern curative
Malnutrition in India
Mechanical properties of human dentin. Part I - Measurement of elastic modulus and damping by mechanical spectroscopy

Mechanical properties of the human dentin. Part II - Measurement of local characteristics by FIMEC indentation test

Silicon Photomultipliers for PET Scanners
Effects of local vibration therapy on lower limb's sensorimotor control in workers suffering from diabetic foot - state of the art and study on a new prevention and therapeutic system

Health for all Sarvejanah Sukhinobhavanthu (May all men be happy)

Introducing HHO gas completely eco-friendly and unharm to nature
Ayurveda and Naturopathy

Indigenous fluorescent stain for fungus in specimens

Environmental health, pollution and global warming

Green fuel technologies

Tuberculosis: current trends
Biophenols and their role in health care system - A new perspective
Practice of medicine Technology driven
Novel source of calcium for osteopenia and osteporosis

Assessment of personal hygiene in social welfare boys hostel of Kakinada

Clinical profile of pesticide poisoning in East Godavari District, AP

Current statut of animal experimentation in India
Simulation based application for osteosynthesis by electro-osmosis

Smart insulin path: a painless approach to treat type 2 diabetes

Telemedicine and technology usage in rural health

Air pollution and associated human mortality: the role of air pollutant emissions, climate change and methan concentration increases from the preindustrial period to present
Environmental occupational health safety and industrial hygiene and technology

Environmental health, pollution and global warming

BEXERO - Clinical development for better immunization against meningitis B

Paper on fitness - nutrition - hygiene

Digital pills in improving health care

Have the national norm of infant feeding practices percolated to the grass roots in East Godavari District??

Who are the people attending physiotherapy unit, GGH, Kakinada

What ails hospital waste management practices in GGH, Kakinada - The gaps and solutions

Occupational health hazards of municipal sanitary workers whose responsibility?

Is universal exclusive breast feeding a reality?

A rare case of fascio scapulo humeral dystrophy

Are caesarian sections bread and butter for OBG specialists in private sector???

Effects of local vibration therapy on upper limb's sensorimotor control in workers suffering from Parkinson's disease - State of the art and study on a new prevention and therapeutic system

Parkinson's disease: much more than a neuro-motor disability. Study on motor-cognitive and perception related aspects in patients in working age through a valuable tool: HANDFORCE

The impact of organizational trust on employee's physically health
Apoptosis Analysis in Classification Paradigm: A Neural Network based Approach

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